Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Medicine is a crazy, innocence-losing mind-trip into the unknown yet perpetually predictable world of ego-driven type-A overachievers and the loonies they care for. You are constantly forced to suppress who you are... your feelings and thoughts always closely contained in that shell of superficial coldness. Desires erased. Hedonistic tendencies bubbling constantly under the surface simply to maintain some semblance of life and vitality.

I'm alive.

But I can't show you. It wouldn't be appropriate. I'm forced into mindless risk-taking in order to prove to myself that I'm not completely numb.

Need Me

I don't need you
Need me!
You kill me with your affection
My strength lost
My character subverted
My identity questioned
My independence forfeited
I am a shell of who I once was

Vapors in the Rain

The seductive swarm of memories
Can sting too
False currents swirl with truth
Mired down with hopes and failures
Too much time has passed
They fade like vapors in the rain

Guessing and Keeping Still

So, I'm starting this blog as an outlet for random ramblings that I don't necessarily want to share with all my closest friends. I can't guarantee that they will be any good or that they will make any sense, but I'll do it anyway. Feel free to share your thoughts as everyone likes feedback. And kudos to anyone who can identify the quote that the title of this blog comes from.